About Droid-kun(Ver.2)

This page is talking about "Droid-kun Ver.2", which is currently under development.

You can find the latest information by clicking ドロイド君v2 tag.

(But all articles are written in Japanese... I'm not good at English.)


I'm developing a robot with cute motion and interactive communication, his name is "Droid-kun(※)".

He can do many things like,
  - cooperate with Google Home, and manage home appliances with a IR remote.
  - communicate interactively with various sensors, voices, and cute motion.
  - play together like dancing, finger tracking(with a smartphone), and so on.

I want to make the robot which always stays by your side, and enables us to live a heart-warming life, not only convenient.

Note: This is just my hobby, not product development.

※Droid-kun(common name in Japanese) is a Google's Android Mascot.

The conecpt movie: "Life with Droid-kun"

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More information is here.(Only Japanese)
And my twitter account is here. I will tweet when I update this blog.